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Five Professional Hacks for a successful Career

HACKS -01 :


Stop to see daydreaming that as a professional you are going to get a handsome job with 6 digit salary with all facilities Bcz you are a traditional Accountant. it is also bad news for you that  Even some Bangladeshi companies stop recruiting traditional accountants they only seek professionals who can decide management level. let’s  show some statistics

 Fortune top 500 companies now use SAP 

 NBR (National Board of revenue ) already implements SAP.

 NBR already say financial statement published through SAP does need not to be audited because free from error.

 Your competitor is not only fiancé guys but also many other fields like  CSE Student 

  Local 100 big  company already implement SAP 

  For MNCs in Bangladesh, please read their  job circular 

So guys stop to run after an illusion that can destroy you ultimately. don’t blame the people, institutions, or your parents. make yourself update every moment to face the upcoming challenge.

HACKS -02 :


You are going to face a big problem in the job market especially in a well-known reputed company both at home & abroad. Be sure at your interview, well a company will demand your sound LinkedIn account with your CV ….

Do you know world 70%  of big companies recruit their employee through LinkedIn & skype?

If not, don’t be late guys .open a LinkedIn ID as soon as possible & make your profile from weak > intermediate > strong. You can also  visit my LinkedIn ID ( munshi shariatulla jewel) to get help on how it can be organized 

 HACKS -03 :

Is your CV up to date Enough  >>> IF NOT 

Suppose guys you have a very good Academic Background like many others. if your Academic degree is enough, then a perfect CV never demands other qualifications.

Even you can not explain to your employer that Due to my Academic pressure, I don’t find time to fulfill others’ qualifications. then they will just say out. out & this so happens.

  Believe me, passing 5/6 subjects in one year doesn’t mean that you are all in one.    You are at home @ home, But nothing in the real world.SO shake off your EGO, and make yourself updated for your survival …….

HACKS -04 : 


We all make mistakes which means Communication skills mean good presentation skills, power point skills that so. Believe me, communication skills mean more than that ………

 It means good manners, good people engagement, Good public speaking power, Good Negotiation skills, Expertise in some special fields so one……….

SO guys try to change your attitude first, the world will change. Don’t limit your skills to some boxes 

HACKS -05 :

WHAT KIND OF NETWORKING DO YOU HAVE ( VERY CRUCIAL AMONG ALL  skills  SPECIALLY IN BANGLADESH ) ??? I Think corporate success largely depends on your Networking skills. Networking doesn’t mean getting the visiting card of your connected people. It means he will recommend you for your job to others .even if he will tries the best for you …

You may ask me, via they even don’t pass a single minute with us  >>>>

Ya, you are right, Because you are unable to connect with them. Don’t blame others .they are busy with their schedule. 1st answer me WHY ?? they will kill their time for you. Have you ever added value to them …

Vi, there is a word called reciprocity ( means GIVE –TAKE ) relationship. Always try to follow this, especially in the corporate world more especially for PROFESSIONAL ……

If you are also asked, what you will be >>>> probably you will reply CEO, CFO  or SO…

If I again ASK you How many CEO or CFO > you know or they know you. you will probably reply one or Two or not at all. this is reality …… 

I will finish my statement by describing only TWO real-life Examples……..

1. One day I Ask Arif Khan SIR FCMA  ( CEO, IDLC ): SIR what will be better to focus on CGPA or a good Academic Degree Rather than Communication Skills …..

ANS: Sir said that If your CGPA is 2.50  who cares, rather than increase your Communication Skills? The degree is just like a Token for your Entrance. your salary doesn’t depends on your degree but rather on your skills or reputation.

 2. The same Question I also ask M Nizam Uddin with SIR FCMA ( Regional Controller of Apple inc. Stockhome, Sweden ) 

ANS: I have seen many more CMA & CA qualified people, they even can not express themselves means poor Communication Skills. 

Vi, please shake off your EGO, and try to be skilled practically with real-life Experience so that your employer doesn’t say we don’t find skilled people for why thousands of foreign people are working in our country as top executives and pass BILLION dollars abroad.

Your life, your choice, your Responsibility >>>> Don’t always listen to others BCZ You are the king of your’s world. Let’s prove it …….

All the best to all. if you think this statement adds value to you let’s share & comment on what be better… for my learning 

post courtesy: PAcademia – Professional’s Academia ( road to be true professional )

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