About us

Vacancy Hunting

Reducing the Expectation Gap between Employer & Job seeker

Vacancy Hunting (mentioned as VH hereafter) was established in October 2020 in response to the demand for human resources in Bangladesh. It was clear, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak in Bangladesh, that the internal resources of various departments were insufficient, and traditional recruitment methods used by recruitment agencies were failing to meet demand. Since then VH has been trying to act as a bridge between the employer(s) and the potential employee(s).

Now, we are looking for “Campus Birds (Intern)”, who will promote the job offer or spread the skill sets required for Jobs, at universities and graduation colleges. The next step is to modify the process to make it possible to complete it 100% remotely. This is how we started cooperation with remote recruiters, and Vacancy Hunting has begun to operate based on crowd staffing. We quickly learned that this was the most effective recruitment method available. Now, we employ over 25 professional recruiters who work remotely and recruit nationally, and our community is still growing. We are going to start our professional service internationally sooner or later.


Every human being from Bangladesh will gather technical or non-technical knowledge about the employer(s) from Vacancy Hunting.


Find your dream job – find the right people through Vacancy Hunting.


To turn out to be one of the top 10 leading Head Hunting Organisations across the world from Bangladesh.

What Vacancy Hunting is Doing?

How Vacancy Hunting is Doing?

Sharing knowledge of the current job market
Making a ‘potential’ job seeker aware of the skill sets required
Playing the role of a bridge between the employer and ‘potential’ employee
Headhunting the potential employee for the Workforce
Reducing the expectation gap between a ‘potential’ job seeker and an employer

Meet the Team

Vacancy Hunting-family was founded by Munshi Shariatulla Jewel, Abdul Awal Luin, Md Sabbir Islam and Muhammad Aftab Uddin Bhuiyan. All these youth ‘novice’ business professionals are ready to reduce the expectation gap between the Recruiters and the Jobhunters. VH has four (4) wings and six (6) departments.

Munshi Shariatulla Jewel

founder and president of Professionals’ Academia, country’s first hybrid professional academy, He is also founder of Vacancy Hunting, one of the raising HR firms in Bangladesh

Muhammad Aftab Uddin Bhuiyan

Mr Bhuiyan is a Co-Founder cum Executive Director (TQM) of Vacancy Hunting HR Solution. He also contributes to Professionals’ Academia, which is the country’s first-ever hybrid learning platform for the business professionals combining backgrounds

Md Sabbir Islam

Mr Islam is a greenhorn accounting professional. He is a well known social activist and a volunteer having a massive experience of working for several NGOs and Facebook pages.

Md. Abdul Awal Luin

Mr Awal Luin is an IT and Accounting-professional. He is working as an IT expert in Monmoti Distributions Ltd. He is working as a Co-founder of VH cum Executive Director of their IT & Digital Security-wing.

Vacancy Hunting has six departments to support the wings. Their departmental info summaries are- 1. Business Development, 2. Content Creation; 3. IT & Graphics Designing; 4. Marketing & Promotion; 5. Human Resource and; 6. Public Relation

Md Nazrul Islam

Executive Director – Internal Affairs of Professionals’ Academia.He is also Director of Vacancy Hunting, one of the raising HR firms in Bangladesh.

Irin Akter Shuchana

Head of Public Relations at Vacancy Hunting. She works on how Vacancy Hunting can be introduced to Top Corporate person and how to build their good relationship with Vacancy Hunting

Samiya Yasmin Joty

Digital Marketing Specialist. She is working as the head marketing & Promotional department of Vacancy Hunting.

Anjum Ara

Head of Human Resources Department.She successfully completed her graduation from Eden Mohila College.Besides this she is running her CMA degree from ICMAB

Tanzim Hossain Anchal

Been working with Vacancy Hunting as an executive of public relations department. Exploring new things really excites me. I’m always ready for more challenging works and do believe to make a positive impact.