Campus Bird Internship

"Work to Become. Not to Acquire." - Elbert Hubbard

How many of us put emphasis on self-development and work aligns with our career goals? We are putting efforts again and again only to become successful. But is it how it all works?
It is undeniably important to acquire knowledge and get to know our own potentials, set goals and start doing to become what you want, no matter how much it takes to.
Vacancy Hunting has brought you the platform where you would get all the career guidelines and first-hand work experience opportunities!
We are recruiting nationwide college and university enthusiasts to provide the opportunity to work with us!

About the Job

Vacancy Hunting (VH) is looking for a Campus Bird (Intern) for our agency of human resource recruitment and headhunting organization for the following departments/wings:

Rebuttal Letter from our Campus Birds

Best Interns of Vacancy Hunting

Through these rigorous months for Vacancy Hunting Team, we are extremely overwhelmed seeing the dedicated passions towards their duties and goals of some of our respective interns from Campus Bird. They are never tired of making us proud of them through their spiritual zeal and spontaneous contribution. Here we are delighted to announce our best interns who have been working for the betterment of this organization since the very first day of their internship period till now.